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Washburn Taurus T25 5 String Neck Thru Bass

Washburn Taurus T25 5 String BassThis model of bass guitar is an excellent value for what you will pay. Its design and playability resemble that of a $1,000 instrument, but it can be had for less than half that price. Overall, customer satisfaction with the instrument is high among amateurs and professionals alike. It is a smart investment if you’re in the market for a quality 5-string bass.

Design wise, the body is crafted from stained mahogany wood with a rosewood fret board and has a satin finish. The neck is multi-laminate with a thru-body construction. It contains 24 frets and a 34” scale. These features come together to give the guitar a rich, elegant look, and it is capable of standing up to the standard wear-and-tear of stage play for years without problems. This model is a previous winner of Bass Player Magazine’s “Outstanding Construction” award. It is made in Vietnam.

Playability wise, the thru-body neck design gives the Washburn Taurus T25 bass excellent resonance. Included Grover tuners make for accurate tuning, and duel ABT pickups give it a warm, jazzy sound. The instrument really shines in the jazz genre, but also tunes comfortably down to E flat for hard rock players. The frets do not have edges, making for comfortable movement up and down the neck. There is only occasional and minimal “buzzing,” which is easily removed with proper setup and tuning. The B-string is wound particularly tightly and gives an above-average sound.

Overall, the Washburn Taurus is a great value for the price. It is a reliable and versatile instrument that has a beautiful appearance and plays just as well as it looks. Definitely worth consideration.

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