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Washburn Force 5 String BassAny musician will be able to appreciate the simplistic beauty of the Washburn Force five string bass, whether they play bass or not. If you are, however, a bass guitar player, you should take notice of this particular model and if you contain even an ounce of sense in your artistically inclined brain, buy it. There have been many great musicians over the years whom have bought and used the Washburn Force five string bass, and I’m not talking about people who might play at your local club. Bass players of heavy hitting bands like Pink Floyd, the Rolling Stones, among others who use this bass in the studio, on the road, and just to play around with.

It boasts an exotic and aesthetically pleasing stained wood build, includes active electronics, Grover tuners, among other features. For instance, it also contains the very pleasing Washburn ABT pickups, a neck-thru body, as well as even containing a rosewood fingerboard – complete with dot inlay. Most importantly though, it sounds and plays great and is useful for any type of music that you wish to create upon it. It is responsive and has an intuitive feel that all can appreciate.

This is in fact, a bass guitar for people who want to play and feel like a real professional, serious musicians who are interested in expressing themselves creatively. To do that you need the proper medium, and one can not do that with sub-par equipment. There’s no excuse not to buy this guitar as its generally a fairly cheap bass for the standards of quality it upholds. Put simply, this is a great guitar and a steal.

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