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Rogue LX205B Series II 5 String Bass

Rogue LX205B Series II 5 String BassThe Rogue LX205B Series II 5-String Bass Guitar features a fantastic and playability that no bass musician should be without. This bass contains an extended maple neck, a rosewood fretboard, die-cast machine heads, and black hardware that make the LX205B Series II bass guitar a site to be seen with an elegant design in gleaming white. This machine is not only slim and light, but it is consistently described as easy to play. It features two volume and two tone controls with covered traditional-style pickups that interface will with many different sound systems.

The sound quality is fantastic for its class, ringing true from the top of the neck to the bottom of instrument, with not a dead spot on the finger board in between. Further, its playing capabilities outclass many other brands that are currently available, making the Rogue LX205B Series II 5 string bass highly recommended for those looking for a five-string bass in this price range.

A bass this beautiful is meant for the stage, but it can also be used to great affect in the recording studio. For those thinking of making the jump to a five string bass or simply those who are looking for more options in their collection, the Rogue LX205B Series II 5-String bass offers a great first step (or addition to the line-up) for any level of musician.

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