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Music Man StingRay 5 String BassThe Music Man StingRay 5 5 String Bass Guitar features a massive amount of features that can be customized. With options about the style of neck, fingerboard style, and twenty-seven different color combination from Cherry Burst to Blue Pearl, this guitar offers a customizable look that marries well with a fantastic sound.

This bass features an ash body that weighs in at a relatively light 10 pounds that also features a maple, rosewood, or pau ferro fingerboard. With a scale length of 34 inches and a neck radius of 11 inches, this bass features a standard bridge that is chrome-plated and features stainless steel saddles. The instrument comes with a standard pick guard that can be customized in one of thirteen different color combinations.

The sound of this bass is extremely nice. Featuring an active 3-band preamp, a Musicman humbucking pickup (that further enhances by canceling any unwanted humming), and a unique 3-way switching control that allows for a unique way of combining this instrument with a variety of sound systems. Added to this are Schaller BM tuners that allow for a fantastic tone and resonance in this instrument. Lastly, the individual volume, treble, mid-range, and bass controls allow the individual bassist to customize this instrument to the sound that he or she is attempting to create.

The main selling point of the Music Man StingRay 5 5-String Bass Guitar is that it is customizable. You choose its fret capacity, what kind of wood is found in the fingerboard, and which of the massive number of color combos you most prefer. Mixing this with a sound that can be adjusted easily morphs this bass into the right bass for you.

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