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Music Man Sterling HH 5 String BassThe Music Man Sterling 5 HH Bass Guitar features the ability to be customized that one expects from a Music Man guitar while upping the amount of technology involved that truly make this a bass to be reckoned with.

The bass is made from ash wood and, weighing it at slightly more than 9.5 pounds, this choice of wood makes this bass light enough to be easily carried for long periods of playing. The bridge is made in the standard Music Man style of chrome- plated, hardened steel combined with stainless steel straddles. The neck and fingerboard are both made from the finest maple. And, because it is a Music Man bass, the sky is the limit on color choices with over 27 options available for body color and an additional 13 options available for the pick guard (though it comes standard as black).

The sound on this instrument is incredibly customizable. The truss rod can be adjusted with no string or component removal. Further, the entire body cavity of the instrument is coated in a graphite acrylic resin that shields the instrument from electronic interference. Coupled with are the dual pickup, with 5-way lever pickup selector, dual humbucking pickups with ceramic pole pieces, and a 3-band active preamp mixed with the standard set of treble, mid-range, and bass controls, and this instrument becomes a piece of technology built for solid play and customizable sound.

The light frame of the Music Man Sterling 5 HH 5 string bass hides an important detail: this bass contains all of the audio power it needs to make itself heard. Featuring a great design and a clear sound, this bass is every musician's friend.

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