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Ibanez SR755 5 String Bass

Ibanez SR755 5 String BassThe Ibanez SR755 5 String Bass Guitar is made from the finest mahogany and walnut wood that culminates in an elegant design in a brown sunburst flat color with a natural oil finish. It features a 34" scale narrow neck that culminates with a rosewood fingerboard. In keeping with the warm, natural design of the piece, hard black plastic knobs are substituted for the traditional metal implements. Created in 2008 and made in Indonesia, this five string bass with a low B features 24 frets, volume, pickup balancer, and a 3 band equalizer that allows for experimentation and modulation of the instruments bass, middle, and treble sound. The sound, while easily adjusted to play music as various as that requiring hardcore thumping to the smoothest jazz, many find that it is best suited for warmer sounds because of the smooth quality that resonates from mahogany and walnut wood.

Changing the 9V battery in this guitar is a breeze and can be done without a screwdriver in as little as ten seconds. This well-constructed instrument features fantastic intonation in all five strings and can be taken to the highest and lowest notes with no technical difficulties. However, if any problems do arise with this bass, the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on the instrument.

The Ibanez SR755 5-String Bass Guitar is not only built for rehearsal and studio play, but it makes a fantastic to addition to any musician's live set. All in all, this bass is perfect for those looking to expand their instrument collection with a quality, warm, natural five-string bass that gives a musician an expensive sounding bass at a fraction of the price.

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