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Ibanez SR405QM Soundgear 5 String Bass

Ibanez SR405QM Soundgear 5 String Bass GuitarYou could easily spend another $200 to $300 on a 5-string bass that doesn't come close to the Ibanez SR405QM Soundgear 5-String Bass Guitar. In it's range (around $500) this is one of the best buys around. Whether you're looking for your first 5-string or you just want an upgrade, you're going to want to give this one a look.

If you've never played a 5-string, this one will make the transition a piece of cake. Close string spacing, super-smooth action and a 3-piece maple neck make for a pretty easy groove. Add to that the onboard Style Sweeper EQ, pickups that can hear a pin drop, and 3 bands of cut/boost tone controls, and it'd be hard to find a better bass for the price.

Another great thing about this bass is that it doesn't matter what your style is. Jazz, funk, slap, hard core, whatever. The SR405QM has enough good quality hardware to suit your style, and it's all at the right there at your fingertips. One of the most prized features about this bass.

Lastly, let's not forget style. They call it 'Charcoal Brown Burst', but really it's more like a deep, blood red. Sweet! It's also got a nice light weight, without it feeling 'cheap' or flimsy. I've played 4-string basses that, compared to this one, felt like I had two guitars strapped around my neck. But there's nothing cheap about the Ibanez SR405QM, so don't confuse 'inexpensive' with 'low quality'. It's just not the same thing.

Make your rounds and play as many variations as you want. My guess is that when you're done, you'll come back to the Ibanez SR405QM. A great axe for the money (and the tone and the feel!)

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