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Ibanez SR305 5 String BassThe Ibanez SR305 is a budget-priced 5-string bass guitar that is part of the best-selling Soundgear series. The SR305 is based on the popular 4-string SR300 model, with the addition of a low B string. The deep, heavy tones of a 5-string bass are essential for many modern styles of music.

The SR305's pickup/electronics package is exceptionally versatile for this price range. It has two humbucking EFX pickups, one in the neck position and one in the bridge position, for a wide range of sounds. The pickups are curved to maintain an equal distance from the strings, for a consistent sound. Additionally, the SR305 features active electronics (powered by a 9 volt battery) with Ibanez's new "Style Sweeper EQ." This is a 3-band equalizer that offers bass and treble controls, plus a special midrange control that allows you to adjust the sound for different playing techniques, from fingerstyle to slap.

Soundgear basses are known for their slim, comfortable necks, and the SR305 is no exception. It is one of the more comfortable 5-strings on the market, perfect for bassists with smaller hands. The neck is constructed from maple and features a rosewood fingerboard with 24 medium frets and pearl dot inlays.

The body is made from agathis, a wood that is relatively new to the bass guitar market. It is a commonly-used and inexpensive wood in Asia, with tonal properties that have been compared to mahogany. The body shape is unique to Ibanez basses, with smooth, ergonomic contours and a generous cutaway for access to the highest frets. The currently available body finish colors are Iron Pewter and Moon Shadow.

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