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Fender American Standard P V 5 String BassFender’s recent effort at a quality bass guitar for the true enthusiast is truly a marvel. The 5 String Precision Bass is, in many ways, the first of its kind; no other 5 string bass on the market today matches the level of sound quality required to grant an instrument the Fender name.

The body is made of alder, a standard choice for bass guitars, and the fretboard is either maple or rosewood. In either case, the fret placement is spot-on. The tuning heads have been greatly improved over previous models. They’re much lighter, made of cast zinc and plated with aluminum. The worm gears are brass with steel drives. All this maintains the standard 20:1 gear ratio of virtually every Fender model in the past.

Perhaps the greatest improvement made to Fender’s new 5 string is the amount of paint on the body. Quite frankly, the number of paint layers have been reduced by about forty percent, allowing for the wood to carry tone far more efficiently.

All this comes in Fender’s signature SKB case. The locks are TSA accepted, and the latches are fiberglass reinforced to ensure that security is at the maximum level. The case is designed to stack on top of other Fender cases efficiently, taking only as much space as needed. Overall, the American Standard P Bass V 5-String represents a very high-quality instrument that is worth its seemingly steep price.

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