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The first time you see the ESP LTD F-155DX 5-String Bass Guitar, you're not likely to forget it. Brightly colored, this instrument features a unique combination of hard, jutting points and ergonomically curved sections that make it easy to play while still looking dangerously distinctive. Combining these aspects with quality sound and construction, ESP makes a bass that is definitely worth your consideration.

ESP LTD F-155DX 5 String BassThis bass features a 35 inch scale length with a bolt-on basswood body that makes it light enough for extended playing during performance. The body is topped with flamed maple finish in signature purple and a maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard providing for a varied quality in the tone through the mixing of woods across the bass's 24 frets. The U- neck contour makes the bass easy to hold and aids in comfort while playing. All of this is combined with the nickel black hardware that Limited ESP's are known for to add to the overall design.

The sound from this bass is combined effort from ESP Tuners, an ESP Bridge with string- through- body design, and an ESP ABQ-3 3-Band Active EQ. All of these elements come together to produce a smooth sound that is customizable towards your style of playing.

Whether you see the design as mirroring skeletons, thorns, or simply a unique design perspective, the unarguable quality of the ESP LTD F-155DX 5-String Bass Guitar make it a bass that many musicians will find meets their needs. Because it provides traditional ESP quality, this bass that provides a stand- out design among five-string basses may be just the answer for the musician looking for an instrument with that extra bit of aesthetic pizazz.

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