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ESP LTD B-5E 5 String BassThe ESP LTD B-5E 5 String Bass features a neck-through-body design that allows for great stability along the highly-beveled mahogany body. Further, this bass has an ebony top and fingerboard mixed with a five-piece maple-mahogany neck. It features a 47 mm standard nut and a U-neck contour that allows for greater support when playing. Also, it features 24 frets and black nickel hardware to compliment the mixture of natural wood and contemporary technology that inform the design of this bass that can be found in only one signature color. All of this comes together in the 35 inches of scale length.

The sound of the instrument is not a force that bears to be toyed with. It features ESP tuners with ESP ABQ-3 3-Band Active EQ that allows for the customization of sound that one would expect from a bass like this. With this mixture of woods, this instrument provides a mixture of tonal sounds not often found in basses of this price range. Because of the quality sound of this instrument, the low notes ring crystal clear in a rock-reverberating style that offers no distortion no matter the style or type of play.

The ESP LTD B-5E Bass Guitar is a combination of many elements that make a high quality bass: fantastic woods that provide a deep and varied resonance to provide for a tonal symphony of sound, a tuner and Active EQ that allow for great customization, and reverberating low notes that can be heard in crystal perfection. All this is added to an elegant design and it's easy to see why this bass is consistently high rating among bass musicians.

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