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Dean Edge Pro5 5 String BassThe Dean Edge Pro5 5-String Bass Guitar features a unique neck through construction that provides it a distinct look that marks it a stand out not only among the Dean line of Edge guitars but among all guitars in the 5 string bass market.

Featuring a quilt maple top, this guitar features a maple and walnut neck and rosewood fingerboard standard. The body is made of quality basswood that provides for a sturdy bass that also is incredibly lightweight, making this an instrument for the long haul in performance. It contains 24 frets and gold hardware that help accent this classically designed piece. Further, the batteries can be changed in under a minute due to easy access of the battery pack. This bass is available in TGE, TBK, and TAM colorings from the manufacturers at Dean.

The sounds gets pumped up by the Dean 3D active preamp system. It further features Grover tuners and 2 Dean Soapbar Pickups that easily unite this instrument with any sound system without technical difficulties of any kind. With a dark and full tone, this instrument combines with a 3 band active equalizer that allows for great customization of the sound to tweak this instrument into the bass that you want to play.

The Dean Edge Pro5 5 String Bass Guitar acts as a marriage between nature and technology: this bass provides you with all of the mechanical pieces you need to make and customize your sound while at the same time providing a look that is classic, timeless, and resonates with the warm, full tones that you have come to expect from a bass of this caliber. This bass benefits any musician who employs this marriage.

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Dean Edge 5 String Bass Guitar Dean Edge 5 String Bass
The Dean Edge 5 5-String Bass Guitar features a contoured design that easily fits all styles of musicians for live performance by curving to comfortably fit the bass player. To fit this curve design, it is outfitted with black hardware, a rosewood fingerboard, and a bolt- on maple and walnut neck.