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B.C. Rich WMD Widow 5 String BassFrom the body, made of eastern mahogany, to the maple neck, to the widow style head stock, this black (onyx) widow is designed to do as much damage as the real spider variety. Black chrome hardware and adjustable stop, along with two volume and two tone controls make this the model of the present and the future. Two P style pickups of the active EQ variety and 24 jumbo frets make it easy pickings, but that's the only thing you're going to find about the Widow that's non-aggressive.

The BC Rich WMD Widow 5-string is built to last and its also built to put out some serious low end sound. With the Grover rotomatic tuners added to the solid construction of the neck, the BC WMD Widow five string base is the weapon of mass destruction that it is named for. The BC Rich was the first bass to be topped with the widow style head. It was ahead of it's time back then, and remains so today. The Widow offers you the right sound at the right price.

Aggressive type styling and and incredible sound make this the perfect instrument to pound out the bass for any style music. The BC Rich Widow is all the bass you're ever going to need. The only question remaining is, are you brave enough to play around with the widow?

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The Vault
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