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BC Rich NT Warlock 5 String BassThe B.C. Rich NT Warlock 5 String Bass Guitar features a distinct body shape that makes it a remarkable and memorable addition to anyone's instrument collection. Featuring a solid mixture of hard edges, jagged, points, and distinctive curves, this instrument is not your father's bass.

The bass features nato body sides with a two piece quilt maple veneer top, a hard maple neck, and an ebony fingerboard. To more fully adapt to the overall darkness of the design, the black hardware and diamond inlays add to the rich aesthetic appeal. Adding this to the hi-mass, lo-profile bridge makes this piece one to certainly be remembered. And because its a guitar that feeds on the dark appeal present in many musicians, it is only available in one color: a very smooth onyx. On the technical end, this 5- string bass features 24 jumbo frets at 2.9 mm per fret and 35 inches in scale length, making it unique at a standard size.

Further, the sound of this instrument is out of this world. It features Sealed Diecast BCR Tuners that allow for modulation of sound to get the exact music that you are looking for. Mixing this with Active EQ BCR pickups, this bass rarely features the statics, pops, and hums that detract from many the playing experience of many basses in this price range.

The B.C. Rich NT Warlock 5-String Bass Guitar features a sustain and solid feel of the neck through bass design that has made this a staple in many musicians' collections. Combining a unique look with fantastic tone leads to great results in this bass that can pound out the music this machine was made for.

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