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5 String Bass Guitar Fret Notes Chart

Knowing where every note is on the electric bass guitar fret board is very important if you want to evolve into more than what I calls a parrot bass player. I am talking about someone who learns the bass line for a piece of music by ear and just plays it like a parrot. He doesn’t know which notes he is playing or what key the music is even in. This person is really limited by his lack of knowledge. A good memory of the fretboard on the bass will make you much more versatile and put you in more control of your playing.

5 String Bass Guitar Fret Chart

The chart above shows all of the bass notes up to the 23rd fret. Try to memorize all of these notes you will find it a bit overwhelming, but worth it. Sadly, many bass players wouldn’t be able to name any notes above the fifth fret. The best way to learn these is to pick a a note such as A and remember every location on the fretboard. You will see the same order the notes follow and it will better help locate notes on your bass guitar quicker.

If you need a larger image to print, click on the image above for a larger, printable version of the chart.