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5 String Bass Guitar Guides

A listing of all of our 5 string bass guitar guides and articles. We cover the history of bass guitars and the differences between 4 and 5 string bass guitars in the linked artiles below.

Bass Guitar History Bass Guitar History
The history of the electric bass guitar is not very long one compared to most other musical instruments. If you take for example the violin or standard guitar, they can date back for hundreds of years. The upright bass had been around forever, but as music started to change, the need for more mobility and portability was evident. If you ever had to lift or carry around an upright bass, you can clearly see the need of the guitar like bass.
4 String vs 5 String Bass Guitar 4 String vs 5 String Bass Guitar
4 or 5 string bass questions? Most traditional electric and acoustic bass guitars come in the four string variety, but the new trend is to move to a five string bass. To start off the comparison, all we have to do is to look at the strings. A traditional 4 string bass has an E, A, D and G string from top to bottom.
Bass Finger Exercises Bass Finger Exercises
Bass finger exercises are important to keep your fingers loose and increase your speed, reach and flexibility. The more bass guitar finger exercises you can incorporate into your warm-up before gigs or practice sessions, the better you will play.
5 String Bass Guitar Fret Notes Chart 5 String Bass Guitar Fret Notes Chart
Knowing where every note is on the electric bass guitar fret board is very important if you want to evolve as a bass player. This chart will show you the notes on a 5 string bass.